With a title like Bangkok Bodyguard, you would think it is going to find more action and fewer comedy. But rather it is about a new middle aged guy who was a personal investigator before he or she found success like a bodyguard. He co-starred with Thai celebrity Ayanna Chamberlain within the Thai film “Kung Fu Panda” because the Panda’s love interest. The movie did quite nicely at the box office in addition to went on to be one of Disney’s highest-grossing movies regarding all time.

So then why should we watch Bangkok Bodyguard? Well apart coming from the entertainment value, it is the very interesting plot and gives an insight into just what life is similar to Thailand. It is also a really lighting hearted movie that will will make you laugh and cry at the same time. The premise is about a bungling ex-cop named Nicky Price (Christoph Koncz) who offers just retired by the police in addition to decides traveling the particular world while upon a far needed vacation.

On his way, he or she would stop away at some hotels in Bangkok to get a female bodyguard would you accompany your pet. The job description associated with the bodyguard involved things such because taking care of Price while they are on his rounds and trying to keep an eye in the rooms in which the Price will be staying. The catch phrase used simply by Price was ‘I’m a lovely girl! I actually can have anything I want’. That will attitude would really make her envious since she had never been given typically the kind of attention Price had when on duty.

1 day, Price ended by at some sort of hotel where the particular owner was away from. The bodyguard observed some people waiting around by the door having a number of luggage. The owner was apart and Price decided to rob the hotel so can use the money to get something special intended for his girlfriend back home. But instead regarding getting what he or she wanted, Price’s girlfriend overhears him and decides that your woman will get the particular money for him instead. She informs her assistant although that Price is on his crack and will not really be heading back.

Selling price however returns and even is upset of which his girlfriend was waiting for your pet. He goes in order to his office and even finds out the hotel has hired a hit person to reduce Price. They will get to Price’s resort room nevertheless the strike man kills Price before leaving typically the hotel. The headless bodyguards rush to be able to the hotel reception and see Cost dead on the floor. Then they will come back to the bodyguard’s car to locate a note through Price stating which he had been shot from the hit guy. They then return to Price’s house in order to find a be aware that reveals of which the hit man tried to destroy Price in purchase to take their own life with your pet.

After the entire ordeal, Price’s good friend gets involved throughout the investigation. The particular bodyguard goes in order to confront the proprietor of the motel, who then converts him over to be able to law enforcement. In the meantime, Price’s private security tracks down and even arrests the operator of the hotel. One of typically the officers reads the be aware that was left by simply Price to their girlfriend, stating that he would be much better off if he or she dies instead of allow the owner in the hotel to obtain away.

At this time, Price’s bodyguard discovers of which the owner with the hotel is linked to organized crime. He threatens him in addition to tells him to visit Thailand to opt for up some funds, or even else he will kill him. Price’s friend agrees to be able to help him out and about because he desires to help out his friend. They monitor Price to his aunt’s house, in which Cost is about in order to be murdered by simply an associate of the owner. Once Price sees the operator seeking to shoot their way to avoid it, he eliminates the associate and even flees to security.

This is just a single example of what can happen to a new Bangkok Bodyguard. The job is demanding, risky and often designed for the faint associated with heart. In addition, it consists of working in risky and volatile areas around the region. Should you be interested throughout becoming a Bangkok Bodyguard, you will need to complete a quantity of mandatory courses and even training. A competent detective will get able to assist with police teaching and other data needed to get successful within this field.

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